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  • Proposed
    • Green Company Redesign

      Sunflow Industries

      Daisy L.
    • LunchEffect Temp Site


      Daisy L.
    • Drag Me!
      Cookbook Website

      Grandma's Kitchen

      Maria C., Vanessa D.
  • Planning
    • Designer Furniture E-commerce Site

      Boxed Inc.

      Elisa J.
  • Design
    • Bicycling Map


      Joseph L, Freddie M.
    • Summer Storage

      Junebug Inc.

      Vanessa D.
    • Company Re-brand


      Ted M.
  • Development
    • HTML5 Annual Report


      Jim S.
    • Internal Team Database

      Bucket NY

      Elisa J.
  • Post-Launch
    • Season Schedule App


      Bill. M
    • Investors WebApp

      Mr. MoneyBags

      Bill M.

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